Back Pain

Did you know that approximately 80% of adults in the United States have experienced back pain? And around 8% suffer from chronic back pain - that's 16 million adults dealing with debilitating back pain every day.

At SporTherapy, we offer the most effective, cutting-edge back pain treatment in Fort Worth. Many patients with back pain are often immediately prescribed opioids or told to seek surgical solutions. However, physical therapy is often the most effective treatment for back pain.

In fact, up to 79% of back pain patients find physical therapy an effective alternative to surgery.

Our physical therapists are experts in non-surgical back pain treatment. We help patients recover using hands-on physical therapy and supervised, targeted exercise. We aim to help not only recover from your current pain, but prevent future issues as well.

Acute vs Chronic Back Pain

When diagnosing back pain, it's important to note whether your pain is acute or chronic.

Acute pain is back pain that comes on suddenly, usually due to injury or strain, and typically lasts for several days or weeks.

Back pain is considered chronic if it lasts for three months or longer. Chronic pain is usually more complex to treat as the cause of your back pain may not be clear initially. This type of pain is also more likely to result in unnecessary imaging and surgery. 

Do You Need Physical Therapy for Your Back Pain?

You will likely benefit from PT if you have:

  • Acute/chronic lower back pain
  • Tension headaches
  • Pain extending to arms and/or legs
  • General arthritic back complaints
  • Work-related back pain
  • Recently had back surgery

Causes of Back Pain

Fitness Level

People who are in poor shape or with weak core muscles are more likely to suffer from back pain as they have less support for their spine. 


It's no secret that desk jobs aren't great for your back. Your job may be a primary cause of your back pain if you sit too much or strain yourself often.

Body Weight

Obesity is a leading cause of back pain and many patients may be able to reduce or eliminate back pain by reaching a healthier body weight.


Smoking has a lot of negative effects on your body. It can cause inflammation and restrict blood flow, both of which heavily contribute to back pain.


Strain or injury is a common cause of back pain. Sudden movements, falls, or other accidents can lead to an acute episode of back pain.


Unfortunately, your genes can be a cause for back pain. Studies on lumbar disc disease have shown that back pain may run in families.

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five stars Dmitriy

Monday I finished my physical therapy at your facility in Weatherford, and I want to commend to you your facility and the people who work there. I started on August 24 of last year, and in all that time, I never heard a cross word from anyone, neither employee, staff, or client. Everyone always practiced…

five stars Nancy C.

I HIGHLY recommend SporTherapy…they are a very friendly and helpful group.

five stars Kathy F. SporTherapy Patient

I really love this place. Everyone is super laid back, which is what you want when you’re recovering from an injury. Super professional and knowledgeable team. A+ all around.

five stars Catherine B. SporTherapy Patient

Awesome, knowledgeable staff! It can be beyond frustrating to rehabilitate an injury, but this is definitely the place to do it! All in all, a great place and assuredly where I’ll be doing my rehab next time! If I could, I’d rate this place 10 or 11 stars, but I can only put 5.

five stars Craig W. SporTherapy Patient

I love this place! The staff is great and have guided me through two knee replacements. I am very pleased and highly recommend!

five stars Mary D. SporTherapy Patient

My doctor said I could try physical therapy if I wanted for my broken ankle, but I would probably still need surgery. I am happy to say that the SporTherapy team did a wonderful job. I am at 100% and I DON’T need surgery. You guys ROCK!

five stars Valerie N. SporTherapy Patient

I just want to offer my thanks and appreciation to the staff of your Granbury location for the outstanding treatments and outcomes from my therapy. I have used them twice now for several months at a time for a knee and hip replacement. I found them to be far more effective than a clinic I…

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You people are the BEST! “Thank You,” isn’t enough to convey my gratefulness to each of you. Since I have been a client here for the past ten months, I consider myself a bit of an expert on this place. I have observed and experienced your staff’s dedication to your clients’ well-being at every level…

five stars Anita B

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