Less than 5% of practicing physical therapists are board certified. Want to be a part of this prestigious group? Consider Evidence In Motion’s Residency at a SporTherapy location.

EIM’s Residency Program is a post-professional clinical residency that allows a third-year student, or licensed PT, to choose from SporTherapy’s locations to facilitate the completion of an EIM Residency.

Key Features:

  • Choose one of SporTherapy’s locations that offers EIM’s Hosted Residency
  • Participate in 12-14 month accelerated curriculum (about 4 hours per week) with onsite, hands-on mentoring
  • Enjoy the benefits of a competitive resident salary with fully subsidized tuition while potentially deferring your student loans, if applicable
  • Look forward to the potential for full-time employment with SporTherapy
  • Travel to 4 Weekend Intensive Labs during the program
  • Prepare to sit for your OCS Exam with an OCS Capstone Course that boasts an 87% pass rate
  • Add a Post-professional DPT or Certification (Manual Physical Therapy or Sports Physical Therapy) to your plan of study with just a few additional courses

To get more information on residency programs please email [email protected].

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